Linksys is a leading American Networking Company that was launched in the year 1988. After that Cisco purchased Linksys in the year 2003 and was sold to Linksys. In 2013 the brand was known as Linksys by Cisco. The Linksys provides products like Wireless Router, Ethernet Switches, VoIP equipment’s, WirelessRead More
Whenever your router stops working or doesn’t give Wi-Fi signals you switch it off like other router users. The reason for this is that it starts working like previously. Have you ever thought why you need repeating this? Or why router starts working like new one. Well, if you areRead More
In case your house is multiplying from solo internet user to multiple internet users, then it’s an ideal time to get a shift to Dual-band router. Having one Linksys midrange router will be a better choice if your house members have a deep interest in online videos & gaming. LinksysRead More
Smart Wi-Fi routers are considered as a next generation router.They are not only limited to connecting computers to the network or providing high-speed internet. But they are more secure as compared to past routers. They facilitate users to access their routers from distance places also.  Today we are providing usefulRead More
Linksys has done another great job by launching Linksys EA6900 AC1900 Smart Wi-Fi router with compact and practical design. It reaches those areas which are hard to reach with a design which will suit your home decor.Linksys EA6900 AC1900 Smart Wi-Fi also features four Gigabit Ethernet ports for a steady, wired connection option.Read More
As we all are well aware of how a router helps to connect multiple devices with a solo network. It plays like a heart for all other connected devices. If this is sufficient for you then let’s take routers to another level with Linksys Smart Wi-Fi routers setup, which is app-enabledRead More
The importance of wireless networking is increasing day by day. A feature like being Economical with good speed attracts many consumers. It allows several computers to get connected with solo internet connection. Wireless Wi-Fi is better options for those who want to keep a number of people connected under oneRead More
Gadgets make life easier so problems occur in them does bother us. But why should we complicate the problem when tech support for Linksys routers team is just a call away from you. Gone those days when users can remain limited to the customer’s service centres, just to keep ourRead More
You can easily give priorities to the number of devices connected to your home network. You can manage the priorities for the media devices using the options like Downstream Bandwidth, WMM Support, and No Acknowledgement. For this, You will have one more option that is “Utilizing your network”. This feature allowsRead More